Most drying ovens consist of a standard turntable with a rack that rotates over the heating surface. The heated air is forced through the process and out of an air outlet located at the top. An upper heat source, typically in the form of tubes, can also be seen on top of most ovens. A drying oven's primary function is to dry powders or other objects using high temperature and relative humidity. There are different parts behind the working of a drying oven, and some of these parts are detailed here:

  • The Front Panel

The front panel provides access to the drying oven's key controls. These include control of the heating element, blower speed, and temperature selector. The front panel also has an airflow indicator, which shows the airflow going into and out of the oven chamber. Basically, front panel is the segment where you get controls and all other visible options.

  • Chamber or Oven

The drying chamber is where most of the dryer's work occurs in a Laboratory Drying Oven. Depending on size and purpose, it can be open to the user or closed off in a cabinet. In most cases, it is simply a space with an electrical heating element surrounded by racks on which trays are placed to hold samples.

  • The Vasal Manifold

The vase manifold is located at the top of most drying ovens and serves as a heat-transfer chamber for heat from the heating element to flow through the racks on which sample trays are placed. It can be designed in many different ways and follows different principles of operation, depending on its design, size, and use.

  • Exhaust Hood

Exits through which air can flow out of the oven are known as exhaust hoods. Their design and size vary greatly depending on their purpose, but they are almost always located above the heating element to collect any released gases.

The heating chamber provides a seal to the heating element and allows the exhaust gases from the oven to be exhausted. Therefore, the quality of products produced by this procedure varies considerably from oven to oven. If you want to learn about Laboratory Drying Oven, click here to Global Lab Supply.

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