Millions of women prefer to terminate the pregnancy using medical way. Termination of pregnancy is done in two ways- medical and surgical. Surgical termination is quite expensive as compared to medical and most women stick to medical termination. Medical termination is the best technique that women use nowadays. The remedies used for termination are FDA-approved and can be used safely for termination at home corners. Though surgical termination takes less time and is safe, still it is scary due to women using medical ways of terminating the pregnancy. Women in some parts of the USA were not allowed to use these pills. After the conflicts and closing observing the situation, women were given permission to buy Abortion Pills online USA which can be used at home corners safely without anyone’s assessment.

Procedure for medical termination

Healthcare experts recommend women use an MTP kit for termination as it contains the essential pills that are required for termination of pregnancy. To begin with this medical process of termination you first need to gulp the Mifepristone pill. This is an anti-progesterone pill that helps to block the pregnancy parts that are responsible for the survival of the pregnancy. Once the hormones are blocked the pregnancy parts get separated from the uterus. After 24 hours of intaking Mifepristone, you need to gulp the Misoprostol pill. You need to gulp 4 pills from this kit so that it can help to contract the uterus and make the fetus expelled from the body.


After you order MTP kit online and use it you need to have an ultrasound test. There are rare cases wherein retained parts are left inside your body and this can further lead to complications. Hence, to avoid complications you need to have an ultrasound test. In case of incomplete termination, you need to seek help from gynecologists. 


The use of MTP kit should be avoided by women who have any medical issues related to liver, kidney, uterine rupture, and intestinal infections. If women have an allergy to the pills of termination then they need to avoid the use of this termination pill. If a women’s age is above 35 years, then you need to avoid the use of these remedies. If you are carrying an ectopic pregnancy, then you need to avoid the use of this pill. If the intrauterine device is placed in your body, then make sure that you remove the device first and then use these pills for termination. 

Side Effects

  • Bleeding, cramping, and clotting are the symptoms that indicate the abortion is going.
  • Other than these you can also notice nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and diarrhea as serious side effects.
  • These serious side effects need treatment and should not be ignored.


MTP kit online should not let interact with liquor and smoke as it may result in heavy vaginal bleeding. Sanitary pads should be used instead of tampons as they may reduce the risk of having an infection. These pregnancy termination pills should be used only if your gestation period is up to 9 weeks.