The opening of Karazhan allowed everyone to graduate a lot faster in the first stage, such as the phoenix bow dropped by the prince, the French dagger, the shield of Nightmare, and the guardian of the king in chess. It is the best equipment in the first stage, and the difficulty of Karazhan is not very high overall. Now there are teams that can complete the entire dungeon within 2 hours.

However, due to the complexity of the dungeon design of Karazhan, many BOSS have bugs. Some bugs are a way for players to quickly pass the BOSS (for example, the curator jumped on the platform back then and the prince who is still available is the farthest Distance output), and some other bugs are quite bad, and even make players unable to get the equipment they deserve after passing the BOSS.

For example, in the chess we are going to talk about today, this BOSS is considered the lowest difficulty in Karazhan, and it is also a new form of combat-vehicle combat. Players need to control the NPC chess pieces on the board and play their own camp and fight against the other camp. , In the case of guaranteeing the survival of your own leader, even if you kill the opponent's leader, you will win.

At the current stage, Karazhan's chess is very simple. Take the alliance as an example. As long as you control the king to go up and slash, heal the NPC and add blood to the back door, other DPS fight soy sauce, and set fire to kill the other chief. However, after winning the battle, many teams found that the treasure chest had appeared next to the NPC, but it could not be picked up. At the same time, the BOSS's dungeon CD has also been saved, which is equivalent to the BOSS's drop being "blacked" by the system.

In order to crack this bug, many players have come up with various methods-for example, it was rumored that the box can't be touched, and it can be touched after playing it again. Actually, this is just a waste of effort...There are also some teams with only one. People can pick up the equipment in the box, but they cannot trade it to others.

In fact, this bug has existed for a long time. The earliest version of the official server should be traced back to the official server version 8.0 three years ago. Some players were unable to pick up chess when they were grinding the dungeon (usually to brush transmogrification and mounts). The equipment issue, after community feedback, may be that the designer didn't pay enough attention to it. After all, Karazhan was no longer the top team at the time, and it was not repaired in time.

However, this time the TBC Classic is the same official server framework, and because of this, the bug that cannot pick up the equipment has also been brought to the current Classic... Although Blizzard has announced some time ago that it has fixed this bug, I am afraid Only the problem of "there is no item drop data at all" has been fixed. Until now, the bug that cannot pick up the equipment will still appear in some bad luck groups.

Here we provide an idea to avoid BUG as much as possible. After starting the battle with the NPC, everyone should not stay upstairs, but need to enter the board to find an NPC to talk to the vehicle, and then get down in time after the fight is over. Once there is a situation where it is impossible to pick up and distribute equipment, contact GM by filling in the form in the game, and it can be resolved within a few days.

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