New World, which has been postponed for a month, is now expected to be released on September 28. The details of the new content of the New World Coins game will be surfaced online since the Let's Play series has begun.

In the world of Aeternum, the YouTube channel Rocket Beans seems to have a chance to spend some time. Players will not be able to access until the public beta weekend on September 9. Fans also saw the three new weapons in the video.

A one-handed weapon type called Daggers, a new long-range weapon Blunderbuss and Void Gauntlet magic weapons are new weapons that will be added to the game.

The reports of data miners in the closed beta test of the entire New World were confirmed by footage in these games. At some point, these people need to join the game. Because Blunderbuss does not have its own icon, this may take a long time.

The dual-handed one-handed weapon used for close combat and close throwing combat is what players describe about daggers. Blunderbuss in the video is a long-range weapon with high-damage cartridges. In the distance and remote, they are very suitable for keeping the target. In the video, they do not need to show the Void Gauntlets.

In the "Let's Play" series of games, we still don't know what version of the game Rocket Beans has been approved to use. During the upcoming public beta weekend, we still don't know whether they will provide players with what content. It is still unclear when these weapons will be introduced into the game.

Before the release date on September 28, New World will enter the public beta on the weekend starting on September 9. We might see some of these new weapons working that weekend.'s professional team is composed of experienced players, they can provide players with the Cheap New World Coins best service. Players can buy cheap New World Coins at, which can help players save money.