The remains of a man, presumed to be 40-45 years old,

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were found beneath about a meter of volcanic rock. The shores of Herculaneum were before the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, pushing it back 500 meters (1,640 feet).

Francesco Sirano, head of the Herculaneum archaeological park, told ANSA he was lying flat facing the land. and could see death on his face as he was buried in the molten lava that was buried in the Flood City.

He could be a savior,Sirano suggested.When Vesuvius erupts The fleet came to the rescue. led by the ancient Roman philosopher and commander Pliny the Elder. He died on the shore But his agents are believed to have been able to evacuate hundreds of survivors.

The skeleton may belong to "One of the refugees" trying to get on a lifeboat "Maybe it's the last unfortunate group to be able to sail away,If found covered with scorched wood including beams from buildings that might smash his skull. As his bones appeared bright red.

It could have been a trace of blood remaining as the victim was swallowed up in a volcanic eruption.Archaeologists have also found traces of tissue and metal objects. This was probably the personal belongings he escaped with. maybe a bag work tool or even weapons or coins said the head of the archaeological park.