The transport ticketing market has been emerging rapidly in recent times, and the market valuation is estimated to attain around USD 11 billion by the end of 2023. The market has anticipated having a CAGR of 10% during the forecast period between 2016 and 2023. 

Transport ticketing is an amazing alternative to traditional paper ticketing. Due to the rising digitalization and technological advancements, the transport ticketing systems demand is exhilarating. The transport ticketing market scope covers smartphone applications and smartcard applications. With transport ticketing, there is less usage of printed tickets which leads to a healthier environment. Moreover, transport ticketing saves time as nobody has to stand in queues at the ticket counters. Such systems will spread across the globe rapidly due to their numerous benefits.

The transport ticketing market in 2021 demand is constantly increasing as it is a more affordable and eco-friendly option as it only needs a smart transit system or smartphones. Along with that, the travel management efficiency in public transport is boosting the growth of the transport ticketing market. The usage of the transport ticketing system for sports events and entertainment also takes the market potential to greater heights. The contactless transactions have made the ticketing process easier and, thus, propelling market growth.

The report provides detailed insight into the transport ticketing market, along with the market valuation and growth rate. It includes various market segments and discusses the regional analysis. 

The industry-related news is well-discussed in the report. Due to the rapid digitalization and concern towards the environment, the market will substantially rise in the forecast years. 

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Industry News

In 2020, a transportation and defense company Cubic Corporation announced cubic transportation systems, which is a smart ticketing technology for travelers.

In 2021, a Transi Tech company Via announced a partnership with Ticketer, a smart ticketing systems supplier, to provide demand-responsive transport solutions.

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Market Segmentation

The global transport ticketing market is categorized into various segments based on system, product, and application. By system, the market is classified into smartphones, smart cards, and many others. Based on product, the transport ticketing market is segmented into the ticket machine, E-Kiosk, E-Ticket, and E-Toll, and others. Among all these, the E-Kiosk segment will have maximum market share with the highest CAGR. The market is divided into different sections by application like ships, personal vehicles, railways, buses, metros, airlines, etc.

Regional Analysis

The transport ticketing market is studied in different regions such as North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the remaining parts of the world. The North American region accounts for the most market share due to the rising technological advancements leading to more smart phones. 

Asia-Pacific has the fastest market growth and has the second-largest share all across the globe. A huge population, along with advancements in technology, is boosting the market demand. Europe will have a significant growth in the forecast period, and the rising demand for the Internet of Things contributes to the elevation of transport ticketing market potential. In the Middle East and Africa, the growth will be the least due to poor infrastructural development.

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