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  • Reborn Miss Jiao of the Republic of China
    She drank the porridge quickly and said with a smile, "Uncle, eat slowly. I'll go to see my mother." "I also thank the Bodhisattva," he added. She hurried upstairs, her mother really went to the Buddha hall, Tang Jiao went back to her room and copied a Buddhist sutra, went directly to the balcony, the balcony on the left side of the second floor was very big, just close to Gu's house, she was...
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  • Upgrade Expert _ 202002 15155554.
    Today, Huayun has reached the peak of the third stage, and can absorb the elemental energy in the magic core at will, so the attribute energy in his body produced by practicing the anti-celestial art has also reached this stage, but the purity of the attribute energy that Huayun feels from the obsidian is at least to reach the fourth stage. And even the fifth stage can be achieved. In this...
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  • Fierce Ghost Shelter System
    The court was dark all around, the plaque on the top lit up in an instant, and the four big characters hanging high in the mirror flashed a touch of golden light. In the court, the yamen runner changed. It is no longer a yamen runner with unclear facial features. With the wind blowing on his face, the yamen runner beside him has become a black and white impermanence, a bull's head and a horse's...
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  • Invincible Login Gift Pack System
    But the six old men were miserable and their faces were very ugly. They wanted to stop, but they had a feeling of sinking into the swamp. The more they struggled, the more they sank into it. It was hard to extricate themselves. Seeing this, the corners of Bu Qingyun's mouth rose, and then he looked down at the more than twenty people around him. His pupils suddenly contracted, and the breath of...
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  • An expert in refining treasures
    After returning Yutong Jian to Hong Liuyu, Chu Yu said with a calm smile, "In that case, you can follow your master's orders. Naturally, I will do my best to help him." Hong Liu Yu, Yu Wenjun, and Xiao Cheng Cheng all had a happy look on their faces and worshipped Chu Yu together. This time, he even kowtowed one more time, which made him look very respectful. At the same time, under the...
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  • Doomsday Magic Gate
    "Oh, does Colonel Yue seem to think our information is wrong?" Ying Tong is so clever, and she came to find out, all of a sudden found Yue Gu's sneer, she knew that this time if the past will leave a very bad influence in the Chinese side, even Gong Jiangtao there will have a bad effect. So Ying Tong pointed out Yue Gu's suspicion directly. In fact, no matter all the people who support the B...
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  • Return of the Empress
    "Master Guan, you're joking. All the people here are guests. How can there be any suspicious people?" Waiter replied with a smile. Si Hao frowned. What kind of answer is that? Is there a wounded man in this inn? The wicked thief must have been badly hurt by his own sword. The injured? Oh, there is one who lives in the second room of Tianzi, just now. Before the waiter had finished speaking,...
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  • Wolf God (Yue Guan)
    At that time, the army did not have a special logistics supply, and the war conditions did not allow it. They slaughtered and robbed all the way, and the news kept flowing to the Grand Duke of Butanni. Knowing that General von Herr was going to divert the tiger away from the mountain, the Grand Duke of Butanni had to break camp and return to the army. If you attack the enemy, you will know that...
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